August 2nd, 2006

True Life (Pete's bumper sticker)


Tongue-Tied and Twisted Just an Earthbound Misfit I.
Karaoke was tons of fun last night; Rachael, Ben (jamminrants), Dan, Mike, the other Mike & I were all there & it was quite fun, but I did more dancing then singing. I have to work on finding songs I feel I can sing. ;)

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PS: There, now it's behind a cut tag, even though it's very few words; sorry I didn't do that right away got dragged off to a team lunch/send off for davedash. Would've put that behind a tag right away if someone hadn't walked up right then.

A couple of people had their 'one on one's' with the new boss: they said they were "casual" "Meet & greets" - with basic talk about skills areas. If only it were that simple. But then I overanalze everything, so perhaps it is that simple.

Lunch made me sleepy. The coffee has not helped. I would like to change the whole structure of how/what/when I eat. I wonder how one would go about doing that. maybe the lack of sleep for the last few days has finally caught up with me.. I want to take PTO & go home and sleep.

I'm very uninspired about work today: that actually doesn't happen very often,... I usually have so much I want to work on & so much I want to get done that I'm constantly busy. Today though, I just feel distracted.
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Who said what?

Hey... I bet you are on this list:
"...I'd like that with all the condiments, plz"

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Thank you for your comments! <3
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This took me longer then expected... here's half of it.

This took some time & thought, but fun: I like stretching my artistic/thought processes a little out of their norm via "requests", so here's the original post/Photo Meme request:

Here are the first results, I just don't have them all done yet. ;)
if you want to see them larger, you can save them & they should save about 600 pixel wide versions -sorry I don't have time to link popups or anything right now)

here are 2 of my 4 bookshelves.. maybe I'll post the other 2 later /& "something large/obscured" (in my house)

here are the 3 tongue photos - I didn't plan them - I just took them 'as is'... (shrug) hope they work out for the requestor, if not I can take more for ya zhux ...If you save these three you should be able to see plenty of tongue bumps, et all. Interested in what you have to say - Aurora's food might interfere with hers, ug. I can't even recall what she was eating that made her tongue green. Kids. ;)

these 3 are: "something small/obscured" (in my house) & "favorite CD/music" (my fav. mix & the case of CDs I carry w/me)

... I took some of the toilet but the camera battery died & I think I lost those photos somewhere/I'll retake. Also will take "fav part of house/yard, fav outfit" & the other of my book shelves: more requests are welcomed.

Thx for lookin'/comments.
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