September 25th, 2006

dragon plus doodle

Ah - I forgot to mention my kids' Duel!!

I forgot to mention: yesterday at Ren Fest while we were sitting down eating - a knight in shining armour came up & challenged Aurora to a duel _ she was dressed as a black Ninja girl: all in black, with black dragon armor & arm & leg guards - and the girly part being her black mini skirt w/gold sequined trim.. and she had a ninja sword too, of course.

so it was plastic sword to plastic sword, equal armor quality so I said it was okay...I told the kids just to keep to the grassy area and not get in front of or around people. They did so.

I have to say : Aurora dominated the entire sword fight, a few times getting the taller boy to his knees, and letting him recover, just to disarm him, it was pretty awesome: heh. That's my girl.

I think all of the people eating who noticed were entertained, I heard a few comments here & there mostly amounting to "look: how cute" and "go get him" "go get her" - Lily & Julian cheered Aurora with unbound enthusiasm, which was cool. Julian really wanted to duel next, but his dad said 'no' - I expect it maybe an issue of not wanting to bring the sword fighting home with him: heh heh. Anyhow, that was fun; and I was kinda impressed how Aurora handled herself with a toy sword - serious but not bragging at all - swinging away with good aim, but without any apparent malice, so it was cool.

what is a cracker?

Aurora tried to convince me tonight that Vanilla Wafers are "not cookies".

It went something like this:

Aur: "They're crackers"
me: "No, they're cookies"
Aur: "They're sweet crackers"
me: "They're cookies"
Aur: "They're just sweet crackers...?"
me: "Oh, they're just... hm, Round, Sweet, Crackers???"
Aur: (starts laughing) "yeah.. they're round, sweet crackers: so can I have one?"
me: "No, they're cookies, you can't have one before dinner"
Aur: "Ok, they're cookies. Can I have one?"
me: "Noooooo."

Then Aurora helped me make chicken coconut curry with rice, while her & Athena munched on carrots & cherry tomatoes: but ...I didn't know we were out of curry & angelo was super sweet & ran to the store & got us curry: yay. Otherwise it would've been a bit off - as I had already added the coconut milk to the stir-fry chicken when I realized there was no curry - I tried to compensate with some er, chili powder, paprika, dash of cinnamon and some lemon peel before Angelo came back with the curry and saved the day - it was just "okay" when Angelo came in with the curry: that made it all good. Or, at least both the kids liked it so, that rates pretty darn high in my books. ;)
and The sheep towered over the people...


Athena sneaking off with the tomatoes... She LOVES tomatoes.

Here's Aurora helping me cook...

Here's the meal we made together.

Here is Aurora literally leading Athena around by a Carrot. *sigh*

Dinner's served! And, note this is our pretty new dining room table! I got it at a garage sale at one of the teacher's at Aurora's school - we just happened to pass by after her Saturday Soccer game: I love how it matches the look & feel of our kitchen, and how it's lighter & doesn't have a gapping issue when the table leaves are in: yay, those gaps were driving me crazy! *grin* Bon Appetit!