November 8th, 2006

drawing of me

hm; looking a bit blue today - and there's some sun w/it

hm; NPR was doing e-analysis (course) this morning & said as it stands currently (which may shift a bit as counts continue & are checked) not a single democrat on any level in any office or position Lost their seat to a republican yesterday: Only the other way - thus - all the Republicans elected were incumbent & all the "changes" shifted towards Democrats/other -

They said it's often the 6th year of a president where dramatic shifts like this occur. Gotta get going, but it was interesting to see it slide.

Oh, and out the window, I see sunshine. I just Love the sunshine this time of year: yesterday was dreadfully overcast & dreary.

Have a good day!

EDIT Hm; looks like more big political changes today: "WASHINGTON - President Bush said Wednesday Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is stepping down and former CIA Director Robert Gates will take over at the Pentagon and in prosecuting the war in Iraq." ... read more news about this?
drawing - Celtic girl

some history of slang ~

from: (daily weekday feature called 'words for the wise' that talks about the History of words, which I love to read about, not sure why, heh: I just do)> So, here's most of today's article on word history:

Topic: Sweet, fly, and solid:
...the approving sweet has a certain currency among today’s young users of slang. In fact, it’s been popular for decades. But sweet had its first known heyday in the 1930s and 40s, before disappearing from the slang horizon for a generation.

Similarly, fly, meaning "well-dressed," first came to prominence not during the musical rap scene of the 1980s, but hundreds of years earlier. 19th century thieves’ cant used fly to mean "smart; cunning." It reappeared among early 20th century jazz musicians with its same positive connotation, then orbited in and out of the lexicon for the rest of the century.

Finally, there’s solid, one more term of praise. Solid was around in the forties, then melted away before re-forming into slang of the 1960s.