January 19th, 2008

water and stone heart

kids & friends & comedy - all kinds of good ways to spend a Saturday.

some of the kids best friends, Lily & Julian, came over for a playdate this afternoon & stayed for dinner - so nice to see them all playing and having so much fun.

tonight I finally got to see 'office space' for the first time - it was on the comedy channel; heh. 'nuf said.

found out there is a 'Futurama Movie' that went strait to DVD - huh. have to put that on my 'to look for' list. :D

That's about it - I had a wonderful day which consisted of just hanging out with my kids all day long - it was absolutely fabulous & lovely. I'll try to post some holiday photos soon!

If you haven't checked them out yet, some nice friends of mine have some gigs coming up - their my space is here - only one song posted cause they recently updated their sounds -but they're really fun & talented - maybe check them out if you have the night off for their gigs! Or if you just want to hear their music :D

Link: Stained Glass Rabbit my space page.