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more soccer photos - yay,

Aurora posing w/the ball for me =)

This is a cute one of Athena all excited & happy at the game

Aurora kicking the ball a good one in game - not that 'artistic' a photo, but what a kick! *grin*

Athena with a soccer ball on the sideline

heh heh: they're so cute! I spent Aurora's practice last Thursday kicking goals myself with a spare ball on a side field - really fun! Wow I miss playing soccer. I've got to find myself an adult league this spring!

Athena was also practicing kicking the balls into the net, and she's really good for her age - wow she can already dribble the ball & take shots on goal, and she's not 2 yet! LOL.

Aurora has really gotten to love the game too - she dives right into the action & is always right on the trail of the ball - not as much of a "drive to the goal" focus though - she gets into the action & out, and she's awesome at passing to someone near goal & has thus made many "assists" as I call em - i.e. she's the one to kick it to the girl who then scores.. not sure the term is right, but I think all in all, Aurora plays like a halfback - on the ball, keeping it up field, but not defending goal as much, nor taking shots.

Athena seems to be more about kicking the ball, the ball is mine - so, well who knows how she'll play, but she certainly loves it! LOL, but hey I'm impressed she can dribble & kick it a few feet, she's 1!~ hee hee. I love soccer.
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