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These photos are from March 2005, and I plan to backdate them eventually,to the right era; I mean month.. but just to share the cuteness :

And these photos were taken by Aurora, she's becoming quite the photographer!:

Meanwhile, we had a lovely time at Ryan's house yesterday playing games & visiting with nice people for hours, and the day before I had a delightful time being a chaparon (sp?) at the Kindergarten all-day trip to the zoo! (*whew*) I also plan to post about that later (I have cute pictures to add,and some amazing bird photos from their wonderful bird show!) We'll see if I get around to that before (3,4,5,.. 3 months goes by!)

So, when I do that maybe I'll postdate this & edit it then.. but for now, just to get something posted, I will do this. I also, 'course, have more recent kiddo photos.. they're growing fast & enjoying the warm weather, as am I.

Finally got some more seeds in the front box & they've sprouted (flowers) and potatos & other veggies into the garden (squash & strawberries going in this weekend); and got the azaleas in the ground in time to save them from our soon-to-be hot weather! Hooray!

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