Alli (neugotik) wrote,

my kids love 'lush' natural soaps. hm. Especially, the coconut one.

I've been letting the girls try out the "lush" soaps I got as I try them out & they liked both icy blue & the lavender free samples - but tonight we tried the "I should Coco" - which is the coconut soap with so much real coconut in it that it feels like an oatmeal bar when it's used: like the mildest loofa ever - and it smells astoundingly & overwhelmingly of natural coconut while you use it.
The girls Loved it It was hard for them to share, but since I had only brought down one piece of the soap bar, they had to share, so they did.

Athena loved the soap so much, she was hugging it.
Tags: kids, kids story
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