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yay, yay, yay!

omg, I'm so glad - (the car mechanics just called) & the check engine came on 'cause the engine overheated, but nothing is damaged from that. They said there were actually 3 engine alerts that went off, but the diagnostic didn't find anything related to those alerts damaged. -whew-

And, they said half the stuff Midas told me need repairs, doesn't need repairs - so I only need to fix the axel boots - and then 2 belts. -sigh-

And they'll pick me up at 8:30 since I can't find a ride so that's awesome too. It means the kids & I will be a little late, but I'll just call in & explain - and it shouldn't be too late, since the Subaru place is just a few miles from our house & I gave the go ahead to fix that stuff because they can fix it overnight, then I don't have to go back in later- bonus -.

I'm so relieved that it's not some horrendous large car repair bill.
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