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this entry is so boring, I had it set to private! LOL. Ah well, I'll unlock it now.

"If you could only see the way she loves me, maybe you'd understand...
Why I feel this way about our love, and what I must do... "


Today my drive into work was 21 minutes, clear roads, after dropping off Aurora at school - so I guess that's my "best time" on the range - commute-wise;

Monday, as I recall it:
HOME: Latte
BF: nada
LUNCH: keish & fruit salad & a whole wheat roll w/a coffee w/dash of milk
DINNER: McDonald's crispy chiken salad (no dressing) & an iced tea & a McD pumpkin pie (because I had to take the car in for repairs, stopped en route)
Tuesday I ate:
HOME: Latte
BF: Einstein Bro's pumpkin bagel w/eggs, spinach & tomato, a coffee w/milk & a pumpkin muffin
LUNCH: Coffee w/tiny bit of milk
SNACK: rice cake (tamari flavor)
DINNER: Squash & celery & carrots in a organic chicken broth w/curry, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, salt, and olive oil.
DESSERT: A popup cinnamon roll w/the girls - baked ourselves
Wednesday, so far:
HOME: strait black espresso, watered down
BF: leftover soup, w/rice added overnight - (squash, chicken, rice, olive oil & spices)
SNACK: coffee w/dash of milk & 3 creamers
LUNCH: veggie chili & 1 pk oaster crackers - coffee w/dash of milk & 1 creamer
SNACK: rice w/squash & veggies in chicken brothe reheated (kinda like rice pilaf?) & a decaf coffee w/fake sugar cocoa to dilute - I can still taste the aftertaste of the fake sugar (mistake) -ah well.
DINNER: If I skip dinner I'll be within goal - can I do it? Maybe just 1 beer?

darn : well I was doing well!! Then I came home - had 2 slices of cheddar & 3 pieces of bacon (ok, dinner) then a bowl of popcorn - and, um, 3 beers during 3 shows (Lost, The Nine, & 6 Degrees). Yeah, so much for good eatin! LOL *sigh* _ lessee - 3 beers, nearly all of a bag of popcorn & the cheese & bacon has to be at least 750 more cals

TODAY= 1500 /gah. well, at least I'm not pigging out on sugars & carbs & bread & milk.. That's good. & My tummy thanks me (it really, really does! Otherwise I would have those awful tummy cramps & pains) _ I guess one improvement at a time! - that's okay - one open or friends post about the ideas mulling in around in my head & then off to read & sleep a bit ! G'night.

I'm off to get the kids -take them to dad, go to the dentist for a check on that tooth - get the kids & put in bed - watch LOST (whew) Can I do it all?!! I hope so !


BF: latte (150 cal?)
10am SNACK: 2 handfuls of nuts (200)
11am:coffee w/a dash of milk (25)
11:30am: 2 boiled eggs w/salt & pepper (75)

TODAY : 450
12:30: Most of a thincrust Pesto veggie pizza (I'll guess 400)
& another coffee/splash of milk (25)

NEW TOTAL (before dinner/evening): 875

-- I could definately make more progress by cutting back overall calories, but for me, I suspect I will make great strides by eliminating/nearly eliminating sugar - specifically.

Ok - since I'm doing well with this, I'm starting a community to track it on-going : click diettracking to read more about food & my diet tracking.
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