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Disney decides to stop supporting junky foods with it's characters

Hey, this is cool news; my mom told me about it last night.
I don't know how many times my elder daughter has asked for food just because a favorite story character is on that food; so this is great news - Kids should be able to like their favorite characters of stories and not feel those characters are supporting junk food decisions.

Next maybe they'll start funding free kids sports: Ah, remember the days when you could play on the school team for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and it was "Free" because taxes paid for the schools to have these teams? Ah, I miss those days. Sports are great for kids, and should totally be free at the elementary school through high school grades; Sure, it's not intellectual education - but physical wellness & learning sports is great for every kid to have the opportunity to do if they want - but it's so darn spendy, I'm absolutely certain many kids who want to do sports don't get to , because they're parents don't budget it, or don't approve it - if it was an optional free afterschool program, TONS more kids would get to play.

So - yeah, here's some outtakes about the news:

Los Angeles - Family entertainment giant Disney is pitting the might of Mickey Mouse and its other lovable characters against the scourge of junk food, according to a statement Tuesday.

The move is a major boost for supporters of healthy diets for America's overweight children and will see the company license its characters' names only to foods that follow government guidelines for healthful diets.

'This is very significant,' said Margo G. Wootan, the nutrition policy director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. 'Disney characters will not show up on Pop-Tarts, waffles and fruit snacks.

....and will see Disney refuse to tie its brand to oversize portions, foods that get more than 30 per cent of their calories from fat, more than 10 per cent from saturated fat or more than 10 per cent from added sugar.

In its parks, Disney will replace French fries and soda with vegetables and fruit drinks and eliminate all trans fats.

The decision comes after Disney announced earlier in the year that it was ending its licensing deal with McDonalds - a fast food chain that has become synonymous with junk food. Little models of Disney cartoon characters were often given away free with so-called happy meals for children.

Other major companies that will be affected by the new policy include Coca Cola and Kellog.

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