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If you're interested in food, you might be interested in this post?

I have started tracking my foods for a few reasons (cutting back on certain food types for digestive reasons & also trying to reach a healthier weight) - but it's rather dull reading, so I've been posting these as private entries.

I do realize that friends of mine share these or similar goals, or are interested in exchanging recipes, or cooking ideas - I thought at first I could create a friends-list filter, but then I have to add & remove people, which is awkward - so instead I just made a community, which anyone can join or leave as they please! *smile*

So, if you're interested in tracking your diet, improving your diet or nutrition, exchanging recipes or cooking ideas/tips/plans/goals - and supporting each other in such a topic, just join away! I'll be posting there with or without an audience! *grin*

Tags: cooking, diet, fitness, nutrition

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