Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Lego Sunday ~

I have so much to do today (cleaning, finding Halloween bin, putting up Halloween decorations, filling out paperwork for work, getting out winter clothes/putting away summer clothes, etc; I was pondering taking the kids to the circus in the afternoon, because I have 2 free kids passes (so would only need to buy my ticket) - and Aurora's asking to call friends for playdates or sleepovers all morning (no school tomorrow for her) - and I have stuff to ship/send in the mail, stuff to donate, stuff stuff stuff, cleaning, bother. Lol.) -

Heh - All I've done today is have breakfast with the kids (Apple Juice for the kids & a homemade lattee for me, then I actually made fried eggs & bacon & put out side-options for guacamole, kalamata olives, & feta - Athena liked Kalamata olives, she asked for them & at first I didn't want to give them to her, but she insisted & she ate like, 4 of them! I was surprised; but I love them myself, so no complaints, just surprising...) and anyhow all we did so far today is eat & play with legos all morning. Heh.
Tags: kids, legos, weekends
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