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Lego Girls! Yay! =)

Ok; after a certain amount of Lego play, I decided to go get my camera & take some pictures. *grin* They were having so much fun!!

Wonderful grins! Delightful.

Aurora approved this image particularly, because it has a good view of the house she was building.

(check out how Aurora dresses herself! Cool, eh? I love it - sparkly skirt & top & tights!!

Athena immitating her sister when I asked them to look at the camera & smile : hee !

Athena gets goofy! (she's rolling around the legos bin, heh) -

View from above ~ (I stood on the coffee table & they totally ignored me! heh)

close up of the car Aurora made & the girl lego person in it she put together from 'people legos' Note she got a red racing vest on her? Heh heh.

Notice how Anero is coyly watching from the kids' picnic table? I was photographing him this morning, too - he was interested in the lego comotion & play also...

Caught ya smiling Aurora!

Lookie what I made! Legos!!

I call this one "running with legos" heh.

Aurora admiring Athena's design & helping her reattach a flower lego~

Here's a little series (only 3 photos) of the girls giggling when they decided to try throwing the legos - lego ricochet (that was short lived because I told them they would have to pick up ALL of the legos they threw! Heh; but the smiles were worth it - they were really having fun ~


Here's Aurora 'swoosh' building her lego house so fast she's a soft blur; I thought it looked cute.

Below is a (longer) series of (5) photos of the girls digging in the lego bin & Athena leaning on it & watching her sister & she got sleepy (time for a nap!!) I thought it was a cute series:


"I know we can live here side by side
Not just a few in front and most behind
This world is big enough for everyone
C'mon let's have some fun
Have you heard that
[chorus]Love, love, love is the law...
Don't you know that
love is the law"
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