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what's time got to do with it?

I think I'm a goal-driven person; i.e. I go through the day with tasks/goals/accomplishments I want to complete, and I work from completing one to go to another. I think this is part of the reason I am constantly late - I just don't think of the world or day in terms of "what time am I supposed to be there?" Or "where am I supposed to be at this time?"

I just don't think that way - it's like... I think often in pictures: I know that. Now I am realizing, as I go from one thing to another I think "I'm supposed to get this done" or "I'm supposed to be here to do that"

- and the time never really comes into my thinking process; except as a "don't upset xyz person by being late" - once again it's actions, not time. It's the consequences & options I think about - the events that can or will occur, rather then anything to do with the hour it should will or could occur at.

While boring to others, it kinda of explains a lot to me.
What got me thinking about this was a replay of an interview on MPR that I had heard before, but listening again to this lady talk about thinking in images, versus thinking in patterns, versus thinking in words - I realized, I don't think about time as a goal, nor as an important factor: it's all about accomplishment - not the time involved, but what is getting done? what is the point of it all? and in my mind's perspective it is not at all what time is this supposed to happen at?

To me, it's always "It'll happen when it happens, what's important is that it gets done & done well - not what time it starts or finishes"
But, that's my natural thought process - obviously due to the reality/fact that others will flip out if you are late, I find myself thinking "Don't be late to this goal, because 'so & so' will flip out - like, I can't be late dropping Aurora off at school - she has to be there to start class, that's the goal, but also "teachers will flip out" if she's late: so that my thoughts Still do not go "we have to be there at xyz time" - instead it is "Aurora has to be at school to start class" & "note to self this is one of those daily goals where people will flip out if you are late" .. it's like my mind still doesn't care about being on time: it only cares about not upsetting people who do care about time. Hm.

Yeah, and if you like prompt people, I would probably drive you crazy! Lol.
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