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Photos of Aurora's Lego house - finished! Woot -

So, Aurora finished her house on her own time during the weekend - I took some photos after she was done & playing across the street with Lucas & Carson - heh; it turned out pretty darn cool.
"If you could only see the way she loves me
Then maybe you would understand...

Seems the road less traveled
Show's happiness unraveled
And you got to take a little dirt
To keep what you love
That's what you gotta do"

View of a part of the house - the horses, ninjas & others in bkgrd,
she pointed out to me the use of the silver legos & I noticed the avid use of the spiders, scorpions & snake legos that she likes to play with -(they have single-lego attachments on the bottom so that they can stick to anywhere on a lego construction w/one dot free.)
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