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The rest of you slackers, share your bday : heh.

"It’s a crazy mixed up world out there, Someone’s always got a gun and it’s all about money You live with loneliness, or you live with somebody .. who's crazy."

Neugotik's friends' zodiac signs
Unknown/SlackersWhoDon'tShareBirthdays (16)
Cancer (11)
Aries (8)
Virgo (7)
Sagittarius (5)
Gemini (5)
Aquarius (5)
Leo (5)
Capricorn (4)
Taurus (4)
Scorpio (3)
Libra (3)
Pisces (1)

LJ friendsZodiac.
Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.

PS: I edited the list, removing 11 from the unknowns list as I personally know their birthdays, even if they don't have them listed in their default public bio (for the meme to troll) _ heh heh. So, I have adjusted my list numbers based on personal knowledge, yes: MEME TAMPERING! MWaaa haa HA ha ha.
Tags: memes
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