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a week of nights

tonight were Aurora & Athena's school parties -

  • Aurora's was mostly book fair & not any special events except ice cream & she didn't want any icecream just a few books, so I went early with her while Athena was still at school.

  • - then we got Athena, went home & all got dressed up & went to Athena's school party,
  • where there was a pumpkin contest (yes we entered but I didn't hear who won; I don't think they know until tomorrow)
  • & a room full of little sandwiches & bowls of chips, and sides like pickles & mayo & mustard...
  • & another room with freshly baked pumpkin cookies, cups of frosting & cups of candy to frost & decorate cookies...
  • another room was dimmed w/lights & music for dancing
  • - the pumpkin room was also mostly dark & all the pumpkins were lit up by various flashlights & leds inside that people had brought it (we did a simple flashlight; nothing strobe-ing or color changing) The pumpkin room was Athena's room & she was a little freaked at first when she walked into her safe classroom & it was full of glowing spooky jackolanterns.. Heh. .. , but she relaxed after we went up & touched a few of the glowing faced pumpkins.
  • There was also a room with crafty stick on & glue on foam halloween forms for making picture frames, and
  • they were taking pictures of the kids in their costumes with a lit up halloween background board
  • ~ the kids had a total blast & the place was crawling with dressed up kids wild about halloween. Athena finally settled into playing legos for the last 40 minutes with a classmate named Daniel

    While Aurora networked from room to room with a different group of princesses and ninjas and such folk every time I saw her. She's quite the gregarious kid.

    Athena took off her horns & monster shoes & settled into quiet play simply smiling proudly, looking down & making a cute little 'bit my lip a bit' proud smile every time someone came up & told her how cute she was or said hi to her in a glowing way: She sure is charismatic: everyone dotes on her, even though she doesn't seek out any attention ( I recall how my little bro Pete was like that as a kid too: makes me think Charisma is like this magical unexplainable thing ~ some have it without seeking it out: others strive hard to make friends & do, but aren't necessarily fawned over (shrug) I'll never know, I'm sure.)


    yesterday I simply finished carving the pumpkins & watched LOST after the kids were tucked into bed - it was nice.

    the day before I spent the night planning, drawing, & decorating the pumpkins w/the girls:
  • Aurora mocked up many faces but decided on a pirate like we initially thought of because of the cool natural "scars" on her pumpkin: she decorated all over the top with gems & jewels & sequins & declared here a girl pirate ! it's pretty darn cute. Eye patch & grimmace & all!
  • ~ Athena just had a blast putting sequins & gems & little chain bits into the glue I put on her pumpkin for her ~ and she also drew all over Aurora's pumpkin drawings, but I couldn't tell what she was trying to draw - it still comes out like scribbles: but she works really hard & meticulously at it, so I know she's got some plans in her mind she's trying to draw if you know what I mean? She's thinking hard about it, is all.
  • And they both had so much fun I had no time left to carve them - that's why I had to delay that to the next day.
  • I also had a nice phone chat with mrsmodew which was really nice; we chatted briefly Wednesday too; but it's nice to get to just talk a bit, you know?

    Monday, Hm: I worked, just like all these other days, but it's more noticeable on Mondays; kinda have to get back into the swing of things ~ a little more tiring & dull to work on Mondays, it seems.. I mean, it has to "follow" i.e. compete, with the weekends, which are delightful indulgent times of freewill; so really, it stands little chance of being more then 'tollerable work' on a Monday whereas another day of the week it might seem interesting.. so did that, and .. got the kids from school - just Athena, Aurora was at the gameshop watching movies because school was out for her on Monday.. all went home & ate dinner, helped Aurora cook a bit, etc: the norm..., took a bath with them, read books, and went to bed really early. I think at 9pm. I was wiped. heh.

    So that's been my work week of nighs ~ la~
    I could use more sleep now, actually but I'm doing laundry~ but I think I'll sign off, go change it to the dryer & wait until tomorrow to do more laundry, really - I'm so tired! Or, maybe I'll watch a film when I get downstairs, which was my initial plan, but I am sooooo tired from the 2 kids events & all that running around and "high noise/high light/hyperness" that I might just read. Heh. (very very likely)

    k; g'night.
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