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What a nice night out ~

Wow; I had a great time talking with all the wonderful people I got to hang out with tonight: you're amazing people. That's about it *grin* Maybe I'll post some fun photos later? Not sure. LOL. I took some cute ones of a frog swimming in his tank that may or may not turn out: various Halloween decorations & food that was very creative - the 2 houses I went to were predominately artists' homes, so there was art everywhere & it eaked into the food, the decor, the conversations & the general mood: i loved it. I'm really glad I've met all you creative caring folks in my life journeys & it was really nice to spend some real time hanging out & conversing about life & just everything from the silly to the sincere. ttyal~

"Can we last through the winter?
The water's starting to freeze.
The only one who remembers Taking the wrong step,
falling in front of me. ..."

- Circa Survive/In fear and faith
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