Alli (neugotik) wrote,

a few notes ~

I made some really great progress cleaning out storage last night: unfortunately I didn't finish. Heh. so there are a few bins & boxes of papers in the living room.

I forgot to say anything about the photos I have before posting my poll - but I should mention Athena went rollerskating! *grin* She insisted on it; she saw her sister & Grandma 'Dell & I taking off our shoes & putting on skates & she took her shoes right off & kept pointing at the skates & saying "on, on!" until I let her put them on. She skated around the rink, played in the car-video game (with the big steering wheel & lotsa buttons, but not w/quarters at all, no) _ and then she skated some more - holding hands, but I was pretty impressed. By the end of the night she was pushing herself around on skates on the lobby-area rug without holding anyone's hand, (as I followed her around) that was cool.

I do already have kids costume photos - but I also have just a few photos from the friends' parties this weekend I could post; mostly weird halloween foods, etc.; and the circus photos are what I voted for posting I guess just because I took them first, and I was thinking chronologically; but in terms of relevance to 'now' the Halloween does seem appropriate & most people seem to be leaning that way.

Ha ha: I want to stay home from work & finish my cleaning bins project!! I am such a nut for finishing what I start. Ah well - it'll be a multi-day project, no getting around it now. ;)
Tags: cleaning, kids story

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