Alli (neugotik) wrote,

the wind was mean tonight - a playful mean; more of a 'fierce'
it was tagging the leaves and papers up & around in swirls circling the cars on the highway
during the drive home
like some complicated folk dance where the leaves taunted the cars inability
to cope
as they were simply buffeted by the wind

the lights played along - flickering on as dark fell
in a slow way
siezuring on & off
like a damaged flourescent
darkish green to yellow & green again
against the blue sky

the dark was early
the lights were the color of stormy clouds
and the wind was playfully pulling my hair
strait up
each time I got out of the car
or left a building
tugging me
as if to say
C'mon & play with us, fly up & swirl around

It's much more fun
then hunching down and hiding
from the fallish spirited winds
afore All Hallows Eve

Just a taste
Just a little
ly mean
Tags: halloween, poems, stormy weather, weather

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