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Come trick or treat with us... I will now drench you in Sugary Goodness


& Treatin'

This house spooked Athena too much to walk up to the door; so I carried her; heh.

Aurora loved this GIANT Spider web!

Open open open MOmmie! Open the candy!!

Our pumpkins a glow:

The whole trickin&treating gang:

What happens when you say "Make a scary face!!" - the policeman & ninja get scary, the pirate gets happy & Elmo & Zoe totally ignor you. HA ha ha.

Eat the Stash! before mom can hide it away!!

Sorting Candy: Yeah.

Im inmyhouse, EatIN' YUR Candy..

Athena all fully of sugary giggles:

Athena & I (Aurora took this photo; I took the others) I was kinda a twizzler stick candy or something...

Aurora & I:
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