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little updates

Early Lunch; can't eat (Dental work) so I'll update my journal, yay!

  • I didn't touch the bins last night; but I got all caught up on dishes & I even cleaned the counters in the kitchen this morning.

  • Aurora named her new fish "feather" _ I was voting for peacock because he has a bunch of that teal/turquoise around the tail, just like a showy peacock; but Aurora didn't like it & it's her fiddie. I think "Feather" is very cute. Her frog she named "Speedy" because of how he whips up to the surface for air & back down to hide in the plants: cute.

  • Got the filling fixed & they replaced my last little metal filling with white bonding too - so now I have only white fillings, which I like much better: all the stuff I read about those metal fillings gives me goose bumps:ewww. So: all gone; yay. I'm numb though & can't talk right & I have to host 2 meetings today! Hopefully I'll be all better by then.

  • Missed the blood donation truck due to work calls, but that's okay; I'll just go to their "fixed site" soon (it's only 6 blocks from work now, so maybe I'll donate blood even more often now; that would be good).

  • I seem to have no plans for this weekend; so if anyone wants to hang out you should call me up! I think most of you, especially those who live nearby at least, have my cell phone #, but if not post a message & I'll give it to ya, k? Why do I always want to type #er? It's already complete with # ; but I always have that urge to add the "er" on the end . gah.

  • I could take the kids to "Friday Family Fun Night/5 - 8 p.m." @ the Children's Museum I'm interested especially as matheatre posts have given me the urge to go to the Children's Museum & climb on everything with the kids: good fun. I wonder if "family night" is free there like it is at the Walker & Mpls Institute of Arts? I'll call after work & find out I guess!

  • There's free concerts at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Sunday mornings I might take the kids to, I guess: "Acoustic Sunrise Concert": Ben Glaros November 5, 2006 11:00 AM to 1PM @ ArtsBreak Coffee Shop

  • Oh, and Saturday is "family free fun day" at Walker Arts - so I could go there too : heh heh; we could have a museum weekend w/the Children's Museum Friday, The Walker Saturday & the Inst.ofArts on Sunday w/ music: *Grin* I like it.

  • The Walker Arts theme for this Saturday is "Lights Out! Free First Saturday"Art-Making for the Entire Family: Glow-in-the-Dark Wearable Art, 10 am–3 pm ; Performance: The Amazing Gnip Gnop Circus, 11 am Step right up and let Circus Minimus Puppetry astound you with its magnificent glow-in-the-dark Ping-Pong ball circus; Art-Making for the Entire Family: Altered Egos, 11 am–4 pm Design a three-dimensional likeness of your alter ego using packing tape, cardboard, and tin foil. Led by artists Helen Stringfellow and Lars Jerlach; & a handful of other stuff~dark-oriented museum tours, films, "dark tales" room w/storytelling, etc.

  • & because I am such a slave to the machine,this comic ... i.e. typing stuff like this through lunch instead of eating (and because of the very cute comparison between the LOST Hatch & the world of Cubicles in which I slave daily), I'm reposting this comic from drewtoothpaste because "toothpaste for dinner" and other comics rock my world. Yay for comics!

  • PS: I don't type through lunch every day! Yesterday I met my old team of co-workers for lunch out & it was really nice - it was a late bday celebration for Sara & David; may not see the team again together; but it's been fun working w/such a tight knit group for 3 years! There were 7 of us at lunch ; missing just the ol' boss who doesn't work w/the company anymore & also davedash who also bailed ship: lol. We went to some place called "Granite City" LOL: sounds to me like they should be selling rocks for granite countertops, or big landscaping rocks or something _ what a weird name for a resturant! I just got a bowl of soup & an iced tea, so I don't know how their food is,but the burgers & sandwiches were way huge & oversized! Lol; like, 2.5 meals worth of food each. k; that's it for my news. sorry if it was boring, but that's about it: little stuff.
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