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Gardening Galore!

I did a ton of gardening this weekend, which felt great, but left me pretty sore!

I got a ton of plants free from some friends who were cleaning up their overgrown sections of their (gorgeous!!) garden & thus I had a lot to plant! Hooray!

I put in:

  • Hostas (variegated with lots of white, light green & dark green variations & many with lavender blooms ready to go off!),
  • Ferns (a favorite of mine!),
  • Canadian Violets (they have the heart shaped leaves, but then Trillium shaped leaves above that & then white flowers!),
  • 'Snow in the mountains' also called 'Bishop's Weed' which is also a variegated variety which is just lacy & lovely and has delicate big white blossoms that remind me of Queen Anne's lace), and
  • Chinese Lanterns (an everlasting blossom in orange that look like little orange paper lanterns, or floating pumpkins: I have always loved these, too.. and I have a special fondness of the mystery of how everlasting flowers feel so dry & papery right when they bloom & while they grow!), and hm..
  • oh, some 'Elephant Ears' which grow huge leaves & are the only one I'll have to take inside for the winter (but they go dormant, so not as much of an effort in that)
  • Oh, and I got a ton of 'bleeding heart' seeds (mostly pink, but there might be some white ones in the mix) which I need to start in flats some time this week..
  • and a lovely 'old fashioned' Bleeding Heart plant in white, which has frilly leaves like a fern frond.

These are all classic Minnesota plants for shade areas like I have a great deal of in our yard, which also nicely spread, but are not too invasive nor needy in their care (except for the Elephant's Ears).

Thanks again huggiblysoft! =)

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