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Sunday morning -

Baking quiche again; this is my 4th one ~ today has 2 cheeses (Jack & Colby),chopped asparagus, a few black olives sprinkled over my homemade pie crust & then the eggs ~ (using eggbeaters, they're both easier & in theory healthier) & cream - then on top 6 pieces of bacon (I pref. the bacon on top so it crisps: inside the quiche is just gets soft) & that's in the oven. Hope I got the egg to cream proportion right - I haven't stuck to a recipe yet (as they seem to want way too much milk/cream and it never cooks if I follow their measurements/the 1 time I tried it was way too moist & I had to add eggs) - but I digress:

I'm cooking a quiche: yum.

The kids are watching a cartoon, they already had yogurts, cheddar cheese, leftover mashed potatoes, apple juice... so they're content (for now) ... & are playing in the living room; they were up at 7am so not much sleeping-in for me.

It's SUNNY! Yay. I love the sun, I CraVe it this time of year, like a hunger.

"Woke up, it was a chelsea morning,
and the first thing that I knew,
There was milk and toast and honey,
and a bowl of oranges, too...
And the sun poured in like butterscotch,
and stuck to all my senses...

Oh, wont you stay,
Well put on the day,
And well talk in present tenses..."
Tags: cooking, weekends
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