Alli (neugotik) wrote,

we are all salt of the earth

I think I'm moving salt much more out of my daily diet: it's become such a spice-crutch. I went years never salting food & I was happy using a variety of peppers, basil, oregano, curry, and more... now it's just salt - the salt-dependency. So, so-long salt, you're going to be removed, not due to any health issue as I somehow have very low blood pressure: simply because, you dominate too much.

& here's a film that look interesting and I want to watch now... :
Salt of the Earth, 1954 Wow, it was made by people blacklisted by Hollywood & they were sending out some messages a bit ahead of the times that Hollywood would not have talked about at the time; really interesting stuff about mine workers & their wives helping them strike by walking the picket line while they tended the kids... the film sounds worth the time to watch it.

Puerto Rico gaming this Friday
angelo is heading out to California for a week, or 2 weeks? I think he said 2 weeks... ? +/- ... So, I was thinking maybe some of you may want to come over Friday November 10th? It would be mellow & fun and we could play some Puerto Rico! It can play up to 5 people ~ and 'course others are welcome to hang out & watch & socialize like we've done in the past. It is a really fun strategy game: if you like games with strategy & tactics, but not about war (it's about development primarily) & you don't like "luck elements" such as dice & randomized cards, then "Puerto Rico" is the game for you: it's so much fun. Anyhow: let me know if you have an interest in playing that, Friday would be great! epidemic99 said he might be able to make it to the game that night, any other takers? novamx3 are you going to be around? Maybe we could teach Sara the game *grin* ... hee hee. arturis You're good at this game, right? It would be cool to see ya. So anyone interested, you can call or message me or whatever works for ya, thx! mrsmodew & aelburr? You guys rocked at this game, and I had So much fun playing it with you!! Can you come over on Friday?

The big V. It's not just V for Vendetta
I'm Voting tomorrow: I hope we change a bit o'management if ya know what I mean...
And when I suggest you VOTE, I mean, yeah: go read about it first, think about your options & write down the names you like, so you're informed... : I think that is a given, I respect everyone on my flist & therefore I assume you think about stuff before you do it. I could be wrong, but I'm givin' you the benefit of the doubt.

... then Express your opinion. Non-participation still has consequences, so participate if you would? If you are angry or disenchanted with the government, you have lots of reasons to act, don't go the route of apathy. Please? I like how the song stuck in my head could be relevant to voting,heh:

"Hey, don`t write yourself off yet
It`s only in your head you feel left out or
looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don`t you worry what they tell themselves when you`re away."
-Jimmy eat world - "the middle"
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