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music on my mind

the music helped a lot; I love music. Do you have music playing in your head? You know what I mean, like, there's just music playing along with everything else your brain is thinking about, visualizing, trying to figure out/math/problem solving/eatiing/sleeping, whatnot? I know: I'll make a poll. heh.

Poll #864257 au' natural jukebox

do you have music playing in your head all the time?

yeah, pretty much
no, hardly ever or never
sometimes, sometimes not
I don't know, I haven't thought about it
only if I was recently listening to something
er - I want to say something else that's not here; see comments

"We're gonna dance to JAH music, dance.
your troubles and dance.
Forget your sorrow and dance.
Forget your sickness and dance.
Forget your weakness and
Cost of living get so high,
Rich and poor,
they start a cry.
Now the weak must get strong.
say, "Oh, what a tribulation."

Them belly full but
we hungry.
A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall
but the dirt it tough;
A pot a-cook but the food no
We're gonna chuck to JAH music,
We're chuckin' to JAH music,
we're chuckin'. "
Tags: music, polls, psychology

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