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cocert! woot!

I went to a concert tonight: it's exciting for me to get out; I don't go out so often, although I am going out more & more often as the kids get older & start getting friends who like to have them over! They both were very good both Karey & Bill said, and Madeline was still up playing with them when I got them at a little after 8pm ~ yay.

I went & saw "Circa Survive" with meus_ovatio & Eileen (not on LJ; yet, as far as I know?) - I had a great time, even though it was at "the Myth" which is a pretty new club waaaaaaayyy out in White Bear right off of 694. It looks a lot like a car dealership (to me!) and even the logo is very reminiscent of the Dodge logo - but like more like a fox, but, well: very-car like, it's odd! *grin* The light setup was pretty cool, with a turning rack in the ceiling and the sound was loud, but not bad- no dead spots of weak areas as I walked around, but the car dealership thing kept nagging me;heh... anyhow, plus it is a long drive East for me!

I loved hearing Circa Survive live; although the band that played before them was hysterically cheesy to me (Canadian punk band) _ not sure if either meus_ovatio or Eileen had much fun; I think the music was too loud & raucous, at least for Eileen. I felt a little bad about that, so we left soon after Circa finished. I could've stayed & listened to more of the next group "Thursday" but they did have a very annoying strobe light pointing right out at the crowd, which basically tipped the odds against them & made me feel fine about leaving before their set was over. ;)

It was also awesome when the lead singer from 'Thursday' came out & did a duet w/the lead from 'Circa Survive' to one of Circa's songs; anyhow, I'm sleepy now! Off to bed for me~ *grin*
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