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and an evening of baking & cleaning ensues! *grin*

Ok; I've started cleaning & I've started baking - this could take awhile! (spec. the laundry & the many stages of baking -)
  • bakelittle yellow cakes/cool/shape icecream balls/freeze/shape fins of candy/decorate/freeze = sorbet fish &
  • bake chocolate cupcakes/cool/make vanilla frosting/frost'em/make candy trains/decorate them= choo choo chocolate cupcakes
  • the cleaning is the standard weekend laundry, clutter pick up (mostly toys & art supplies) and I swept & mopped lastnight, so hopefully mainly just those 2 (laundry/clutter cleanup)
  • Then after the kids are in bed( ~ 4 hours) I'll do the decorating - got streamers, balloon style tableclothe & napkins, and some balloons in dif. shapes to blow up & tie or tape up somewhere - & I have to wrap the couple things I got for Athena, too. Should be fun- Wonder if my BrewHaHa coffee will last that long?! hee. I had so many coffee samples! Aurora had a lot of free cheesecake, chocolate cake, pumpkin cake, etc Athena didn't like most of it, but she liked the creamcheese frosting on one of the pumpkin cakes; then Athena had a milk, and Aurora had a grapefruit juice and water & then we all had Jimmy John sandwiches : a busy morning/afternoon. It was good to see you ketiya & davedash~!
    bit of a funny story, actually: I ran right into Katie & Dave, when I took cuts in front of them to grab two cake samples for the girls right when we first arrived. ;)

    They're like "Hey!! There you are!" .. and then"....hey.. did you know it was us you took cuts in front of?" & I waas all "um, nooooo *blush* just trying to quiet the kids w/cake!" LOl.

    Ah - just heard the "1 minute" beep on the first batch of yellow cake bases (for the sorbet fish) - and I have to hope to it while Athena's nappin' ~ she'll be up soon! ;)
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