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thanks for the little things

on behalf of all the easily-excited overly obligated moms out there, such as myself, I'd like to thank the world for these things:

Thank you world for:

1) instant cake mixes
2) microwavable popcorn
3) vinegar (for cleaning, in particular)
4) coffee
5) mr.clean magic eraser sponges
6) washable markers
7) scent-free cleaners (laundry, et all)
8) satellites, their clocks/cell phones/etc
9) eggbeaters
10)in-home movies (dvds, vhs, etc)& music players
11)public radio
12)central heat (and air)
13)bathtubs w/built-in hot water taps
14)aromatherapy natural oil & herb soaps for relaxing
15)washing machines & dishwashers
18)the internet
19)vaccines & good healthcare
20)grocery stores full of healthy (& organic) foods

Ok; my list runs a bit selfish tonight - *sigh* But I don't know how I could get by wo/all these inventions. Just wanted to say thanks.
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