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Athena's birthday party today! =)

Heya friends, so Athena's bday party kicks off in 30 minutes if any of you guys want to come over, we have lots of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cookie trains (Thanks for helping me mrsmodew!!) & Also really cute fish made out of sorbet, which have frozen yellow cupcakes underneathe them ~ like, mrsmodew & I made 24 of each type of dessert!! Woot! *grin*

Hope you're having a good weekend - I'm so glad it's SUNNY OuT! Even if it is still freezing cold: at least it is bright & cheerful, yay! =)

Athena woke up went into the dining room (at 6:15 am) & said
"Wooooo BALLOONS! Look! BAllons - Oooh , cake! Balloons! Cake!" hee hee; I think that pretty much sums it up. =)
Tags: friends, kids, weekends
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