Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Sherbert fish

from the land of ice & sugar

Being' eaten

rows of colored sweet fiddies - (here you can see how they're on little half-cupcake bases)

This one's funny like he got a little vampire mouth instead of a smiley lol

group photo! heh.

Hi - I took the idea actually from 'martha stewart dot com' but she had all kinds of complications: like taking white candies & dipping them in melted chocolate chips to make the eyes (??!!!) like I have time for that, or that the kids would be able to eat something that hard: lol. So I took the idea & varied it a lot - here's the end steps for making these my way:

1)bake half filled cupcakes - (I baked them & then put them in the wrappers, but you could just bake them in the cupcake wrappers & save yourself a step : I was improvising)
2)cool, then freeze cakes
3)scoop out icecream onto wax paper: freeze for 30 minutes or so
4)take a big spoon & a cup of hot water & dip & use the spoon to smooth out any "rough spots" on the scoops - like sculpture in icecream. =)
5)peel the icecream off the wax paper (don't wait too long or it won't stick to the cupcakes & you'll have to do the hot spoon trick on them after placing too) _ put the scoops on the cupcakes!
6)press down onto the cupcakes to hide the cake part
7)take candy shaped like fruits - gelly candy, and cut into fin shapes
8)place the fins on top & sides - tails optional
9)frosting for eyes & mouth (I used reg. white frosting & black gel frosting - the gel went on more easily to the cold icecream, fyi, then the normal white frosting)
10)freeze for a few hours to harden a bit - then serve!
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