Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Some of the highlights:
A VERY HAPPY Athena, sitting in the party room when people start showin up:

COOL stroller from Sara! (ok, *&Ian but Sara picked it out) ~ Dora from Madeline tries it out(*&Lucas & Carson but Madeline picked it out)

Dogpile on the gift being opened! Everyone help open it! LOL:


The kids all enjoying some special sugar treats:

THIS is how you eat icecream fish:

WOOT! Streamers! Wren tags 'em:

The outdoors sword fights & sword fighters!

Athena birthday helping set up the fish cracker cups! CUTE.

A special letter train, and it fits her Thomas the Train tracks!! PERFECT.

A very happy, sleepy Athena in front of her wooden house toy shelf (needs to be painted by the kids) - this was taken right after she woke up. *GRIN*

A little help here? Lol:

This is how we shred it:

This gift from "Gummies" Grandma Freya & Granpa Mike was a favorite box & wrapper, Athena was even wearing the orange ribbon as a belt today!! heee!

Toy doll Dora Baby fallin' out of the stroller: LOL the chaos of everyone, oh my:

Build a Bear made by Amelia for Athena! Cute PinkBear & CUTE box!!

EVERYONE In the stroller!!

Peggy tests the toys in the kids take-home bags: hee hee:

Here's Athena grabbing down the treat bags that were for all her guests: yay!

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