Alli (neugotik) wrote,

a nice long weekend out of town with the kids!

Well, the kids & I are back from 3 days out at my grandparent's home -

We drove out for Thanksgiving on Thursday morning,

and the family had a birthday party for Athena (Nov.26th) & my cousin's son Tennessee (Dec. 1st) on Friday,

and a lOooonng nature walk for the 3 older kids with Aunt Christy - that would be Aurora, Ten & his sister Wren - Athena went for the first 15 minutes of the walk & then came back with Peggy (my cousin) while we (Myself, my other cousin Katie & Peggy when she returned) finished setting up for the birthday party (decorating the cupcakes I had baked with frosting; hanging up streamers, making lunch & all that jazz) = the kids had a great time -& of course both Wren & Aurora got little gifts too - since the extended family who was there on Friday had not nec. been around for their birthday's earlier in the year)

Also there were saunas every day, but I only took one on Friday While Athena & Aurora decided to nap & there were plenty of adults from my family hanging out in the cabin/house with them while they napped: so I could go take a sauna; yay!

The crescent moon over the lake was absolutely stunning & the sunshine was so gorgeous we had one of our lunches outdoors at the picnic tables!! *grin*

- Then Saturday we went out to a tree farm & walked a half mile to get a Christmas tree for ("greats grandparents!" for the kids) Grandma Alice & Grandpa John - and had another nice lunch before we drove back to the cities, arriving home at 6pm in time for a nice bath & books and bedtime as normal for me & the girls.. Yay. a really nice weekend.
Tags: family, kids, weekends
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