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buncha photos from early November

Aurora, showing How to Dress for the playground in Minnesota, in November (St.Cloud, MN):

Aurora laughin' at me:

Athena rocker, early November:

Athena grinning in a super cute winter hat (made by my Aunt Christy):

Trying to take group photos is hard!!
first Aurora pouts:

then there's more smiles but Athena looks down, doh! heh:

but she did have a dirty face anyway, heh.. ah well...

Ok, just the girls then!

Here are the two sisters:

and then each with Mom, so jealousy doesn't play:
Aurora & Mommie-Alli:

Athena & Mommie-Alli:

study time:
Aurora writing notes, cute!:

Athena reading, trying to keep up w/her note-writing big sister!:

"Question for the ages
What’s going on with my rap pages?
Rappers wanna be down, but listen listen
You got to feel it within your body and your spirit
When you listen to the rhythm [come on]
It’s the abstract Will is on the beat
Women all around the globe, the world
You got to follow me
Change your history, categories
Different people in the same territories
So watch it watch it be mindful of the speakers please
Coz they gonna rumble and shake the ground
Fill the embraceful pound
Treat all the things profound
If you wanna dude to help you out
Make it cool around your friends without smoking now
Play the song kinda loud, it could help you out
And you could work it out, yeah you could work it out"

-"like that" by the Black Eyed Peas
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