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witching hour(s) - sleep, perchance to dream...

  • got the xmas tree up
  • the girls just wanted to bask in the rainbow blinky lights after it was up
  • i tried to sing a few more carols on kid-demand & Aurora actually said I'm a wonderful singer & I should be making my money by singing - heh that was nice of her to say!
  • Lily & Julian got home just as we were finishing the tree, so they got to add a handful of ornaments & play a couple of hours: that was nice. Those kids sure do love each other!
  • I cleaned last night: so tonight, I'm just sleeping. Heh.
    Here's a super CUTE MEME: you actually click on photos for each question & they are all just 2-part questions:I liked it. It was very creative!!

    Shining like a work of art
    Hanging on a wall of stars
    Are you what I think you are?

    You're my satellite
    You're riding with me tonight
    Passenger side, lighting the sky
    Always the first star that I find
    You're my satellite

    Elevator to the moon
    Whistling our favorite tune
    Trying to get a closer view

    You're my satellite
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