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my birthday ~ in a nutshell

So, for early I got the kids a CD player for the living room: yes, we had no viable cd player in the house: just the car & Angelo's alarm clock in his bedroom ! So, I guess I could say it was my birthday gift to myself - because I love to dance with the girls in the living room (largest open floor space, basically no furniture but 1 reclining chair & a movable table) - but, since I don't want to spoil them , I told them it's their early Christmas present from mom ... we set it up & tried out some music, some xmas music, then some of Aurora's music: it's great! The other thing I got was the only unit that had audio input : so in theory it allows a mic to be plugged in which I can then let the girls sing along over mic & even record them singing & telling stories : I got an instrument microphone (vs a voice mic which seems to need one person singing directly into it to work well) so I hope this instrument mic works ! *smile*

The best part was after it was all set up & I took the packaging insides out to the recycle box, how the girls giggled & jumped in the box the second I showed them it was empty!! So cute. It's about 2' x 3' (overly large: no surprise) & I then proceeded (after they were sitting in there for 20 to 30 minutes playing ) to cut little doors that open & close (like windows) with a butter knife - so adorable,really! I knock on the window & say "hello??" & then little Athena opens the window & says "Peek a boo! Pika _chooo!" hee hee -- and her sis Aurora (7) is still young enough to be sittin in there w/her while watching an anime cartoon - so it's a mutual thing - I pushed them around for a little bit like a choo choo train too (which Athena is really into right now) ; heh.. oh, and we re-watched "The Polar Express" : awesome movie. I've never felt so much like I was on a roller coster outside of Disney & Knox Berry Farm; heh.
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