Alli (neugotik) wrote,

cash survey for people who don't have health insurance ~ minneapolis, mn

Heya - this is not typical of me, but a market research firm (legit) that I've done a number of survey's with called me: they're looking for people without health insurance to do a survey - it usually takes 1 or 2 hours, on site (usually in their Richfield, MN location) & they pay $50-75/survey - they pay even if they don't use you; as long as your prescreened & show up on time(they always overbook & send home a few people, but all get paid, see?)

Anyhow, I have health insurance, but I know when I did not have it was when I really would have wanted the extra cash (they always pay in cash, yah) _ so call 'em if you are interested & don't have health insurance & live in the minneapolis, MN cities area : 612-869-8181

Hope this helps someone out w/a little extra cash if you are a fit for their survey! =)

PS: they do research for marketing dif. stuff all the time, so call 'em if you just want to get on their list for options - I've done 1 for cars, 1 for yogurt, 1 for printer ink cartridges, 1 for pepperoni, 1 for diapers/wet wipes -- they do research on it all. Lol. anyhows - that's it.

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