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what are fruit loops good for?

ok: I gave in to letting the kids get fruit loops (specifically, I was shopping w/Lily, Aurora & Athena & Lily and Aurora, who can both read, saw the fruit loops/apple jacks were on sale for cheap *sigh* so I gave in & let them get one of each... )

So- this morning Aurora & Athena are having fruit loops:

Athena: greeeeeen!
me, mom: no, that one is orange
Athena: or'an?
me: no that one is blue: Aurora help Athena with her colors & the fruit loops
Aurora: ok Athena see this one? It's "pink": find a pink one
Athena: (digs through her cereal & pulls out a pink one w/the spoon): pin- ka?
Aurora: Yes, now find this one: "Blue".
Athena: (finds a blue one with her spoon & pulls it out of the milk): Blu'?
Aurora: good. Now find this one: it's "yellow"
Athena: ah- 'ello~ (showing her sister a yellow one)


and so-on through all the colors, many times. Well, at least it turned out to be an educational bowl of cereal, if not healthy. *sigh* Kids - leave them together they'll figure out everything! Lol. Athena did proudly show me each spoon once Aurora had confirmed it was the right color: double the affirmations. Affirmations are great. We should all dowl them out like whipped cream. I think Adults need more affirmations, it really makes one warm inside. Ah ,ok - well that's it for my story time. ZZzzzz. Bedtime? ha ha; well, at least the kids bedtime! *grin*
Tags: kids story
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