Alli (neugotik) wrote,

food & cooking

I want to start cooking more, and different things.

like this stuff:
  • crepes
  • black bean soup
  • waffles (for the kids, esp)
  • souffle (learned quiche: but then discovered I prefer souffle: heh)
  • stews
  • more veggies dishes, like some way to do a nice variety of steamed veggies w/dif spices:

  • ...not just the same ol' more healthy stuff kids will eat. I introduced the kids to breakfast burritos & they loved it (it was actually though, for dinner this week on Tues: lol) more healthy rice dishes - i.e. the yummy stuff to cook & serve on top of rice. and mostly: I'm fairly certain I don't eat enough veggies & I want to figure out how to use those more, and in ways the kids will eat them! (serving raw veggies won't work, as they won't eat them... Yet. I keep trying, but some new cooked ways would be a good start).
    Tags: cooking, kids

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