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I love this mild weather! & I love working from home.

The weather was SOOOoooo Nice today! And I got to work at home, too: double bonus. I used my lunchtime to Mow/Mulch the entire yard of all it's zillion leaves. Woot. I must've recycle-mulched about 11 plus big bags worth of oak leaves that way, Yay. I love recycling yard waste & can't stand throwing it out at all - besides mowing it is so much faster - the weather was clear, sunny, warm & just gorgeous outside.

It must've been in the 50's. It felt like the West Coast, not Minnesota! Especially for December - Christmas always felt just like this out West - so a bit of a nostalgia twinge today, too.

I also got around to breaking down an old cupboard with a rubber mallet so I could dumpster at the gameshop dumpster finally - it didn't fit before ... so, yay.
Tags: garden, weather, work

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