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yeah - wow, I got something back. cool.

So, I had my wallet stolen last weekend (yes, 2nd time this year =gah) - that, or I somehow "lost it" while shopping even though I triple checked the little shops I was in & the street in between where I had crossed the road... and it was in my pocket when I paid at the first shop but I put it back using cash instead (which I keep outside of my wallet since having my purse stolen this summer; but generally I just don't carry cash) anyhows... , then when I went to pay at the next shop, it wasn't there. I checked all the shops I was at over & over, the floor - the street: everything. Plus, it was Bright Red. So, I'm 90% certain I was pick-pocketed, actually.

- so; freak thing is now a week later, my driver's license showed up on the sidewalk in front of Taco Bell about a block & a half away from where my wallet/coinpurse had "evaporated" while buying fish & cat supplies/treats...

What happened? How did I get it back? While... - someone's walking down the street & says "hey look: a drivers' license" & hands it to their friend walking with them: who knows us well, via the shop & is like "wow, I totally know who this belongs to & I think I know why it's here" as he happened to be at the shop when I was telling angelo I lost my wallet somehow into mid-air... So, he gave it to angelo at the shop then... who returned it to me. Woot.

It looks like it's been driven over a few times, bit bent on a corner, but it's not missing any parts, & even the holograms still show through all the scuffs & scratches: so it's still valid. Double Woot. Money saved. (don't have to go pay a replacement fee). Might not run the magnetic bar on a swipe anymore though - might get it fixed for that, eventually.

Then I went over there (to the Taco Bell) & walked around looking...after getting the card back I went right away to see if I could find more... & no sign of my bright red & rainbow fabric coinpurse (Nice Guatemala Fabric - very bright), nor any of the handful of other cards that were in it, including a clover that was laminated into an Irish blessing card...which Liz brought me back from Ireland years ago *sigh* Oh well... (the money-cards were all canceled instantly last Saturday - & I don't carry cash; but I was kinda hoping to find my blood donor's card I've had since I was 17, & my health insurance card for this year.. oh well. *sigh*)

Well, getting the license back is nice. It actually saves me money & time going to the DMV which is even nicer. Nice of whomever took it to throw it in the street so it could get back to me; or nice of the street to return it to me, if it somehow had fallen out of my jeans' pocket.
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