Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Photos: since it's been awhile! *smile*

ok; these are from back at Thanksgiving in St. Cloud, but the first one is so cute! Yay! And the others were already resized for journaling, so it is easiest to post those. ;) I also just haven't unloaded my camera in weeks: I've been too busy &/or distracted. Maybe this weekend I will.

Here's my Aunt Christy (who's always been a hero of mine, like my mom is: yay for family!) & Athena & my cousin Peggy (Christy's daughter, yes):

Oh & Christy made all those hats, cute, eh?

Here's me looking at weird clouds (self-portrait) - that's an ipod in my ear, yah:

Winter Grass seeds, which surround Peggy's front porch (they're over 6' tall & really cool, actually - I stood on the porch to take this one up close):

Here's me trying on Peg's bright green hat:

Here's one of Wren & Aurora - Tennessee & Athena playing at the park in November - looks grey but they were sure having fun!

Here's one of just those clouds (taken from my work parking lot, actually):
Tags: family, kids, my photos

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