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Snow & Santa stories

Today it snowed like a 5 year old frosts a cake: enthusiastically, messily & fast, then it was done. Now we have lots of slusshy snow. =) Aurora has already made 1 & a half snowmen and we've only been home a half hour! *grin* Nice snowman snow.

Meanwhile I have a few cute kid stories for Athena, too.

!) She calls all snow "snowmen" I discovered today - she is just getting reaquainted with the stuff, so it's nice it's not too furiously cold, as she wants to touch it & copy her sister who was throwing snowballs at me as fast as she could as we left Athena's school. The result? Athena asks for mittens & makes snowballs, Aurora doesn't & gets cold fingers. Ah, kids. Then we get to the car & Athena joyously yells "loooka Momma! Snowman on car! Snowman on Car!!" She was thrilled to discover this snowish stuff could stick On the roof of the car: wow.

2) Athena got a chocolate Santa in the mail, as did Aurora, from my big brother Todd, his wonderful wife Sue & Cousin Izzy -- Athena played with the Santa & chocolate presents & sleigh & at bedtime she wanted to take it to bed with her & I said "no, Santa can't go in bed Athena" _ She yelled sadly "Santa Need Bed! Santa NEED BED!" and I said "Does Santa need a blankie?" She didn't hesitate & said "Yup." - so I found a toy horse blankie for her Chocolate foil Santa & tucked him into bed on his sleigh on the bookshelf. All well again. ;)

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