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wonderful night out with the girls amongst friends: Yay!

Wow: I saw sooooooo many wonderful people at Corwin & Dee's wedding tonight! The kids had a wonderful time dancing the night away with other kids & running races around a room filled with live music; awesome giant masks on the walls & no scolding about being kids: racing around & giggling to their hearts delight with other kids: so awesome. I also loved getting to socialize with so many caring sweet & attentive wonderful adults : the kids were safe & in view & people were interested in talking, and totally willing to let me go to follow a kid around a corner or table if needed without any awkwardness about it! Which allowed for many delightful conversations for me: yay; I hope some people enjoyed seeing me as much as I enjoyed seeing them -- What a nice night. I'm so happy I got to go: thanks for the invite Corwin; you're awesome.

Congrats on your big day Cory & may you have many many more wonderful big days to come with your awesome wife ! Super duper congrats!
Tags: friends, holidays, wedding
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