Alli (neugotik) wrote,

I got some more plants into the ground yesterday: a couple more PMJ Azaleas (lavender, blooms in early April in MN; so it's one of the first big flowering shrubs around here; and that's also usually the week of my little brother Pete's birthday, so I like them very much: the Lilacs in our yard tend to bloom during the week of my mom's birthday.. otherwise I haven't noticed any huge plant/birthday alliances). So, anyways: got them into the ground, plus the elephant ears from huggiblysoft; which are supposed to grow huge leaves, which should be fun.

I also spent some time watering the garden & flower beds yesterday, as it's been so hot in this region, my plants were wilting (even though we've had some rain, it obviously hasn't been sufficient); I may need to tend to them all week, actually. The bunnies &/or deer ate the yellow flowers off all the daylilies in the front yard (so far) those are close to the street & under some trees, though.. so it's amazing that they were blooming, really: it's such a shaded area. I'm hoping the daylilies near the house won't get so destroyed, as thus far the animals have left my plants nearest the house alone. Here's hoping that trend sticks! The bunnies are also most likely guilty of eating my red sunflowers in the garden area (grr). My herbs & potatoes and tomatoes are Ok; as is the bee balm & other stuff they don't like, but the flowers I put back there have all sprouted up & their leaves &/or bugs have disappeared leaving just pathetic little empty stems. I really think we need a few more hawks, owls in our neighborhood. Wonder how I could arrange for that? We're so over-run with bunnies that when I go outside I can usually see 2 in various yards at any given time.. no, really. Lots of bunnies. *sigh*

So, in other news , my newest favorite comfort food is to toast english muffins, then by the time I get back to them they're usually cold but toasted, so then I butter them (or non-hydrog. marg.) and put them in the microwave a few seconds (40 usually), then take them out all warm with melty butter & toasted edges, and add peanut butter while still hot, so it melts too. Yum. It's good with coffee or milk. Or both.

Ok, I'm going to go Mow. We have a bunny haven of blooming clover outside, which was pretty for a week or two, but now I'm going to go mow the bunny food & hope they seek out other tastier yards as home base. Thank goodness we have no shed for the rabbits to hide & live under! Gah. They're worse then squirrels, I think: they eat all the tasty plants! I can't even consider lettuce in the garden, squirrels just dig up some stuff & eat the birdfood. Ok, 'nuf ranting about the fuzzy yard critters: out to Mow!

ADDENDUM: Ang had to run out & get some stuff to change the oil in the mower & by the time he was back the babe was awake & the kid was home from her friends' house, so no mowing for me. angelo got the front mowed just before sunset, and I think a good portion of the backyard too, and even that late in the day he got overheated.. quite a workout with our hills through-out the yard. So, what did I do with my planned mowing time?... I weeded: lots. Still quite a few weeds out there, but I just attacked the scruff growing up where it's going to cause problems (garden, wood chip areas by the house, in the driveway, walkway, along the side-hill where I would like to have a flowerbed someday, etc.. I mainly wanted to get a mixture of yard work & exercise; so I feel I at least accomplished that need, and I may yet get to do some mowing tomorrow, as there is part of the backyard to complete).

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