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Low Fi Thursday

Went to a fun acoustic performance tonight @ Acadia Cafe - took my parents & kids and I hope to go back to this soon on my own - It's called "low fi Thursdays" & it's hosted by a group called DEMO ~ basically it's 5 "emerging" musicians playing sets & the cover's low ($5), the sound's pretty good & there's the cafe: food, nice quality beers on tap/wines, coffee, etc there, but "next door" kinda, because there's a door, so the performance area is separated from the cafe a bit & the ambiance & selection of artists was great tonight - I would've stayed the whole night if I wasn't with a crew - but they were tired at 8:30

So, we only caught 1 & 1/2 hours of music: less then I would've most liked, but still, really nice! I also liked the artwork on the walls - really, it's just so nice to get out & stretch the legs a bit, catch some live music in a low-key environment. =)

"In the desert we get sunburned. Tally up our losses by a broken down car. We're surprised we got this far. What will your parents think? You gave up everything for teenage love, and you're 23. Gave up everything for heartbreak and sweet cake for second looks and make out sessions under the stars. And when they look at our dirty hands we get followed in supermarkets. You especially with your backpack with patches, you're not even that punk anymore, they don't know the difference like I do. You gave up everything for a 1983 ideology, romantic novels in your back pocket. I'm sitting on my ass at the gas station smoking cigarettes, my feet are drenched with rain, I'm throwing in the towel."

song: we got as far as minnesota, by 'kind of like spitting'
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