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movies & exercise.

the one problem about exercising while watching tv is that I want to finish the show/story after I am done exercising! Thus if I exercise for 30 minutes on the elliptical the movie's not usually over (& since we don't have cable, I don't put on a short show) ..

a la - "matchpoint" a few nights ago... ,randomly flipped to an episode(er, one of the movies, actually I guess) of star trek last night, etc... ; tonight I flipped randomly to "sex lies & videotape" when I turned on the dvd jukebox (which is mostly stuff I have not seen, as I usually don't take the time, truly: but Ang has loaded it up with stuff)... anyhow ! I've known about this movie/of it/whatnot... since it was made: but never watched it; thought about it, but then didn't. ... heh, i was actually working concession in a movie theater that rented the film reels for replay on the big screen... but I still didn't watch it .. don't know why.

SO I finally watched it tonight: a good movie. Made me feel really reflective and thoughtful.
Tags: exercise, movie, relationships

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