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everyday kids stories

On Art & Innovation:

Athena was painting - with a brush, then she takes the lid with all the paint she's been "dipping in " with the brush & she wants to push it on the paper like a big stamper (so we try that) THEN , she takes off her socks: She wants to walk in the paint & paint with her feet. So ... we try that, with paper all over the floor in a circle to walk around on. Then she tries her hands - a bit of finger painting & hand stamping - then she got a bath. Heh.


So, then onto the power of Charisma:

1) Athena brought up to me last night her sister's Pirates of the Caribbean sticker book - and what does she call it? Pirates? book? Stickers? nope. She says "look mom: my Jack". Uh huh.
And then this morning she's getting dressed & in a similar manner of naming & categorizing the most important element of an item she pulls out a red sweatshirt she wants to wear - a hoodie. What does she say? Red? nope. Shirt, top? Nope. she says "My wear Elmo mum - Elmo one" - so red is now elmo, huh? Ah, cuteness overrides other identifiers eh... I donno.

Or is it just marketing, hm
I can see how the faces of stories are pervasive & easy to remember & start to associate to ideas / colors/ images ... but what about how the current generations are so "over sold to" -- I heard an interesting discussion that pointed out that they just Know It when someone's doing a pitch at them : like with religion apparently the newer generations are walking into different options & if the "welcome mat" is faking or overdone - "selling the church/religion" _ or if there's no greeting at all - These folks just walk away: I was listening to this on an NPR program Friday morning what are they looking for now? "Authenticity" says the interviewee - "they want something authentic" (now I paraphrase the rest as my memory isn't that awesome:) ..., "and they've been sold to for their whole lives - so they know an authentic gesture almost like instinct"

Wow - makes me think.

On enthusiasm

So Aurora had a sleepover with one of her grandpas - grandpa Peter & step grandma Linlin - and she took her skates & went iceskating on a pond, and visited horses out in the countryside where they live - and stuff like that. I called to check in on her when she was at the horse farm so I got a return call from her later & got to hear all about her Saturday; - then I talked to Linda & she said "Aurora was having so much fun skating : she just kept running down the hill & jumping out onto the pond - she would get half way across the pond that way gliding... & it is a big pond!" _ and I say "She was running down a hill on iceskates??" and she's like "oh, yeah over & over: she's quite the go-getter & determined girl!" -- wow, another first: I mean, I remember running down sand dunes in Oregon as a girl about her age & diving in to go swimming, but running downhill on iceskates, huh. Well, turns out they lent her these "double bladed skates" to make it easier to skate around on ... so she was having quite the time launching herself onto the ice via this run downhill for a head-start. Sounds like fun.
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