Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Went to the Children's Theater!

Aurora & Athena & I went to see Marsupial Girl at the Children's theater tonight, thanks to aino (who was running spot light & waved down to us from the catwalk at intermission; and Aurora spotted her first up there: quite a nice rack of lighting up there, I must say. )and her lovely husband John who called my cell to offer the extra tickets: thank you!! Both for the tickets & the effort to call and offer them to us *grin* It's appreciated! It was also really nice to see them, and Elizabeth & Mike B at the show.

We had an awesome time out: the girls danced in their seat & Aurora said her favorite part was the ending - so I won't give it away, but the singing was really stunning, as were the sound effects and lighting. I even liked the way some of the set lights came on in-series (thinking specifically of the lights strung along the telephone posts here) and it was all quite stunning. I also loved how the set floor was painted, and the actors & actresses were all quite good. I did not want to miss any of the story, but missed a little bit as Athena decided to take 2 short walks around the lobby : there's this swell "little kids" room though, where it's like you're sitting in the audience, feels like it, the lighting is still clear through a high quality tilted glass window, and the sound is very well done surround - there Athena got to hop around & dance better to the music and clapped voraciously at the end, then we raced back down to meet up w/Aurora again, as she had wanted to stay in her seat & not miss a bit of the show.

All in all, a great night out. Now I'm exhausted. *Yawn*

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