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Saturdays are nice.

  • get up at a leisurely 9ish
  • Make coffee (for me, ha) & breakfast for the kids (they want yogurts & organic mac and cheese: ok, it's a weekendcooked)breakfast is done the kids clear plates & run to the living room to play I did dishes, cleaned the floor, cleaned the table & counters
  • read another chapter or two in Zen & the art of Motorcycle Maintenance, while the kids watch "The Rescuers" (& ate some "fish crackers" snacks) changed the kitty litter, cleaned the floor under the kitty litter, took out the kitchen & bathroom trashes, sorted the recycling Came back to find fish crackers all over the floor - had the kids pick up then I reswept the area
  • Called a few of Aurora's friends to see if anyone can play, I had told her she couldn't call too early... - no one's home/answering phones
  • Played with toys in the living room with the kids
  • cookedLunchtime is bean & cheese burritos with organic salsa with mandarin oranges
  • Played Checkers with Aurora while Athena started in on naptime Aurora was still hungry, made her black beans & rice and myself some curried peas & cheese mix for my rice ate with Aurora, then swept again - some of her rice went on the floor
  • Then I got to take a 2 hour nap, as Athena took the rest of her nap
  • Aurora watches InuYasha (anime)
  • Wake up: make brownies with the girls (as per their request early in the week)
    4:20reload dishwasher
  • Have some cream of rice w/strawberry jam so I'm less tempted to have brownies
  • Work on the puzzle with the girls (500 piece ocean scene)
  • Upload all my photos off my camera from Christmas through the New Year's finally -
  • Take new photos finally - brownies and puzzle & the cats nappin' - fun photos
  • The girls are dancing to Modest Mouse in the living room
    6:30 ...
  • took more photos & now Athena is painting & Aurora is still dancing
  • yeah, then Athena finished painting, and Aurora started painting - so Athena's playing with dolls & horses
  • I fail the self-control test & have a brownie & a half.
    ... 7pm
  • We've made organic popcorn & are going downstairs to watch movie cartoon (shorter then full movies)- the kids will watch that & have popcorn while I do the elliptical behind the couches. =)
  • Then it's bathtime, books & bedtime.
    (ok, bath was in the middle of the movie, due to the kids being antsy - & thus I only got a 25 min workout - then books, Athena's in bed at 8:20 - Aurora's watching the end of the movie "12 dancing princesses")put away Athena's clean clothes, put Aurora's in her room, sorted the dirty clothes into lights & darks that are still in the bathroom to wash
    I'm sure I missed some stuff, but that was the basics
    PS I noticed I left off all the chores: ha. So I added them in italics, not that my day was all play & no work. I just ignored it on the first writing of this.
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